Quiche Lorraine

A Table Full of Quiche

A Table Full of Quiche

Tonight I was craving something timeless and fresh. That is basically the description of classic French cooking in a nutshell. So, I pulled out the beautiful volume I have hidden away like its a treasure and turned to the section on quiches. No surprise the recipe I was searching for was the very first one. It’s a true classic! If you haven’t had Quiche Lorraine, then you haven’t had a proper breakfast, my friends! Quiche Lorraine is essentially a bacon and cream pie – what’s not to love?! Art of French Cooking

It’s so simple, you’ll want to make this again and again. I promise. I started with the recipe straight from the queen of French culinaire herself, Julia Child, but it wasn’t long before I had completely altered it to fit our own tastes (and what I had in the fridge!) In the end, I found myself making my tried and true quiche recipe. It’s become a family favorite and a real go-to recipe for Saturday morning brunches and, apparently, busy Wednesday night dinners. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have over the years.




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