Kitchen Tip: Cook in Bulk

Here’s a little tip to save you both time and money in the kitchen. Whenever possible, cook in bulk. This saves time by doing a portion of the work for future meals at a time when you would be cooking anyway. It also saves you more dishes to wash!
Here’s a great example: Today I’m making Chunky Texas Chili for our snow day. For this meal, I use 2 lbs. of stew beef, but it was cheaper (price per lb.) to buy the “family size” pack of 4 lbs. to save time, I decide to cook all the beef at once. I have two options – make double the amount of chili and freeze half for another day, or save half the cooked beef for another meal. I decided to save half for Italian Beef Stew. So, I’ll sauté the beef with only the spices added that are similar in those two recipes. Then, when it’s cooked, I’ll divide the beef and store half for later this week. You could also freeze it if you want to use it later in the month. When I need it, I’ll pull it out, dump it in the pot, and my meal prep is half finished. Talk about a time saver!
Often foods, especially meats, are sold at a volume discount. That means the more you buy, the more you save. Sometimes people avoid this because they can’t get over the final price. This sticker shock can be avoided with a little careful planning. Want to learn more about how to plan your menus to save money and time? Join our Menu Planning Class next Tuesday, Feb. 17th. It’s FREE and you can sign up HERE.



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