About the Aspiring Chef

Like a lot of young women growing up in the south, I began cooking beside my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. They taught me to bake bread, how to pull a dinner together from the last bits of food in the fridge, and the importance of bringing family and friends together around the table. Now I’m in culinary school and I’m learning to mix the skills of a chef with my desire to bring health and happiness to dinner tables everywhere.

Here you’ll find new recipes, products, inspiration, and ideas for bringing your family and friends together. In our busy world, we seldom find time to gather in our own homes anymore. My hope is to inspire others to slow down and enjoy each other where good food meets good company – at a table full of the people you love.

 Looking for my cooking classes? Visit The Family Table



  1. I think I’ll be downing on your recipes first before my cup of coffee. i need to learn how to cook and prepare dinner for the family since a weekly gathering is almost as vital as breathing. 🙂 i agree with slowing down and enjoying company over at the table too!


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